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Commissioning a Portrait

I'm so excited to start a custom, original painting for you! Please refer to the guidelines below to get the ball rolling. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll answer your inquiries as soon as possible!

My Goals

I desire to create a beautiful portrait that reflects the subject's personality.

My Materials

I use high-quality Belgian linen as a substrate, and my paints are purchased from some of the finest oil color manufacturers in the world.

Photographic Sources

​I usually work from a photo. The Client must provide the photographic source from which I will paint. Digital, hi-resolution images are preferred. The subject should be in the center, with ample light and shadow. (A professional photograph may not translate well into a painting, because a lot of the natural light may be altered to favor the subject.) If the photograph was taken by anybody other than the Client, then he or she will need to receive the photographer's express permission to use the image for a painting reference. Once I receive the image or images, I will digitally enhance them (if necessary) to provide you with the best possible painting source. The client will sign off on this final reference photo and the painting will commence! 

Payment and Shipping

Payment varies depending on the size and complexity of the finished piece. I hope to have several standards price/size options available on this page soon.​ In the meantime, please contact me to discuss the pertinent details. I'll always require a non-refundable 30% deposit up front to begin working. The final 70% will be required upon the first presentation of the painting to the Client (whether in person or by way of emailed photograph). I use PayPal invoicing for all my billing: this ensures both parties have a safe, secure, and convenient payment process.

Feedback and Retouching

Upon first presentation of the completed piece, I allow for one round of retouch work included in your price. Should the client desire more preferential tweaks after the first round, surcharges will apply (amount determined on a case-by-case basis). I work hard to ensure my clients are totally satisfied with their painting!

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