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my STORY...

I have always enjoyed drawing figures and portraits throughout my life. I started getting serious about art around 2006 when I began formal art instruction with Pensacola artist John Ball. John was classically trained and educated at Pensacola Christian College.


I realized how much work I had ahead of me as I tried to bring my paintings to life. John and I worked on values, edges, composition, color and drawing, and I spent about 5 years as his student. At that time, John's career changed course, and he was no longer able to teach students. So I began  painting on my own, and realized I still wanted guidance from a skilled
art instructor.


I was very fortunate that another Pensacola artist and Pensacola Christian College alum, Christian Hemme, was accepting students. Christian was also classically trained and he knew exactly how to guide and encourage me to stretch myself as an artist. Everything started clicking in place for me under Christian's instruction.  


I paint in the impressionistic style, preferring portraits and figures. I feel that every painting tells a story, and if I can bring the emotion to the canvas, then I have accomplished my purpose.  


I am represented by Quayside Art Gallery in downtown Pensacola, which regularly displays several of my pieces, and I'm also available for commissions.

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